Unleash the Speed is not just a slogan – it’s a challenge and a triumph.

Gustaw Wiśniewski, a young and talented multiple Polish karting champion, is ready to conquer the world of Formula 4.

His exceptional skills and determination push him to the limits, where every second counts on the track. Gustaw demonstrates that speed and precision are his second nature. Now you have the chance to join this incredible journey – the extreme path of a young champion on his way to the pinnacle of motorsport.

Ultimate Drive


Ultimate Drive is synonymous with excellence on the racetrack. These qualities not only define Gustaw’s driving style but also form the foundation of his successes and future achievements.

Gustaw has already competed in several Formula 4 races and has pushed the machines to their limits. However, to achieve better positions and dominate on the track, he needs to move to a higher level. In the world of racing, where every second counts, precision is the key to success.

Gustaw’s commitment to training, data analysis, and continuous improvement of his skills allows him to maximize performance on the track. Gustaw still has immense potential for growth and a relentless pursuit of perfection, which is becoming his hallmark in the world of motorsport.

Invest in Gustaw

Mastering the Track,
Winning the Future 

Gustaw Wiśniewski, a young talent with exceptional skills, is surrounded by a team of specialists who take care of every aspect of his career.

With their support, Gustaw can focus on exceptional driving while professionals manage his image and the image of his sponsors.

By investing in Gustaw, you support not only his athletic achievements but also build a strong, positive presence for your brand in the world of motorsport.